Having a Love Affair.....
You would ask with whom or with what? I have to tell you in my case it is the love of space and colour. It all started with my passion for flowers. Growing them and designing with them in my own floral space - Ginkgo Floral Design, in Toronto.
While enjoying the colours of flowers and designing floral spaces, I felt the shift of wanting more, so as it goes these days, I went to the internet for inspiration. Then began flirting with the idea of working with colour expressed in paint. Two years ago I began to experience the ups and downs of painting and as time went by, the flirting turned into a love affair.

I would like to invite you to share my first steps in working with paint presented in the gallery at Ginkgo Floral Design. It shows a combination of my passion for flowers in tandem with my creative aspirations. My work can also be seen at the store. Enjoy!


Art & Flowers Go Perfectly Together






Pieces of Art